It happens fluidly. A note on the piano and a voice produces art. Art is creating and appreciating beauty. Harmony and melody are the power of a good song.


Performance is all about the place, acoustics, meaning, flow, preparation and adrenaline to the performer. They give tribute to the composer and both entertainment and connection to the audience.


Communities involve all kinds of people doing their jobs. Communities should support the arts and the arts should support the community. It’s about having pride in the place you are and helping people with the talents you have.


Fun is about diversity: being with people of different interests, appreciations, and goals. Music provides a common rhythm and pulse that our bodies respond to. Fun is not something you can describe. It just is.

Special thanks to our Founding Supporters for believing in RR-YC and making it possible for us to bring the idea to life.

“Rio Rancho Youth Chorus is a place for children to express themselves musically and artistically while making friends and participating in great performances.”

Aaron Howe, Artistic Director

“Like a sport, music provides an environment for children to enjoy an emotional release and to work hard towards a common goal with teammates.”

Aaron Howe, Artistic Director

“RR-YC provides an opportunity for children to round out their education, pursue their artistic interests, and give them confidence in their talents.”

Aaron Howe, Artistic Director